Plants & Animals Dec 23, 2019

Identifying a plant cell barrier to breeding more nutritious crops

What if we could grow plants that are larger and also have higher nutritional content? Michigan State University scientists have identified a protein that could be a major roadblock to growing such plants.

Veterinary medicine Dec 18, 2019

Researchers say may have found cause of mad cow disease

Researchers said Wednesday they believe they may have found the cause of mad cow disease, while stressing the need to maintain precautionary measures to avoid a potential re-emergence of the illness.

General Physics Dec 23, 2019

Electronics at the speed of light

A European team of researchers including physicists from the University of Konstanz has found a way of transporting electrons at times below the femtosecond range by manipulating them with light. This could have major implications ...

Cell & Microbiology Dec 23, 2019

Researchers discover how Zika virus remodels its host cell to boost viral production

Researchers in China have discovered how a Zika virus protein reshapes its host cell to aid viral replication. The study, which will be published December 23 in the Journal of Cell Biology, reveals that the viral protein ...

Astronomy Dec 23, 2019

Astronomers study peculiar kinematics of multiple stellar populations in Messier 80

Using the Very Large Telescope (VLT) and the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), astronomers have investigated one of the Milky Way's globular clusters, Messier 80. The new study concentrated on peculiar kinematics of Messier 80's ...

Environment Dec 23, 2019

Climate change not the only threat to vulnerable species, habitat matters

Though climate change is becoming one of the greatest threats to the Earth's already stressed ecosystems, it may not be the most severe threat today for all species, say authors of a new report on the effects of deforestation ...

Space Exploration Dec 20, 2019

Beleaguered Boeing's Starliner returns early from failed mission (Update)

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft won't achieve its mission objective of docking with the International Space Station, NASA said Friday, dealing a blow to the agency's plans to end US dependence on Russian rockets for astronaut ...

Archaeology & Fossils Dec 23, 2019

Ancient secret of stone circles revealed

New evidence of a massive lightning strike at the center of a hidden stone circle in the Outer Hebrides may help shed light on why these monuments were created thousands of years ago.

General Physics Dec 16, 2019

Discovery reveals tractionless motion is possible

In an article published in Physical Review Letters, Bristol scientists have answered the fundamental question: "Is it possible to move without exerting force on the environment?", by describing the tractionless self-propulsion ...

Archaeology & Fossils Dec 18, 2019

Caribbean settlement began in Greater Antilles, researchers say

A fresh, comprehensive look at archaeological data suggests that seafaring South Americans settled first on the large northernmost islands of the Greater Antilles rather than gradually moving northward from the much closer, ...

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