Astronomy Nov 14, 2019

IPTF14hls may be a variable hyper-wind from a very massive star, study suggests

A source known as iPTF14hls, assumed to be a Type IIP supernova, may be a long-term outflow similar to stellar winds, according to a new study published November 5 on The new research proposes that iPTF14hls is ...

Plants & Animals 2 hours ago

Dung beetle discovery revises biologists' understanding of how nature innovates

When studying how organisms evolve, biologists consider most traits, or features, as derived from some earlier version already present in their ancestors. Few traits are regarded as truly "novel."

Ecology Nov 14, 2019

Human link in spread of infectious cancer in mussels

Mussels hitching a ride on ocean-going ships are likely responsible for the spread of an infectious cancer found in different species on either side of the Atlantic, scientists say.

Nanomaterials Nov 20, 2019

Turning up the heat to create new nanostructured metals

Scientists have developed a new approach for making metal-metal composites and porous metals with a 3-D interconnected "bicontinuous" structure in thin films at size scales ranging from tens of nanometers to microns. Metallic ...

Soft Matter Nov 15, 2019

Research sheds light on the underlying mechanics of soft filaments

Artificial muscles will power the soft robots and wearable devices of the future. But more needs to be understood about the underlying mechanics of these powerful structures in order to design and build new devices.

Cell & Microbiology Nov 13, 2019

Understanding transporter proteins at a single-molecule level

Like a boat helping passengers cross a river, transporters move substances across cell membranes. This process is fundamental to the healthy functioning of cells in life forms from bacteria to humans. The function of these ...

Molecular & Computational biology Nov 18, 2019

How gene expression noise shapes cell fate

Essential genes are often expressed with high variability during the development of cells. Scientists call this phenomenon "biological noise" and suspect that it is also decisive for the fate of cells, i.e. the developmental ...

Materials Science Nov 19, 2019

Machine learning-assisted molecular design for high-performance organic photovoltaic materials

To synthesize high-performance materials for organic photovoltaics (OPVs) that convert solar radiation into direct current, materials scientists must meaningfully establish the relationship between chemical structures and ...

Optics & Photonics Nov 19, 2019

A remote control for everything small

Atoms, molecules or even living cells can be manipulated with light beams. At TU Wien a method was developed to revolutionize such "optical tweezers".

Materials Science Nov 19, 2019

New 3-D printing technique produces 'living' 4-D materials

Repairing and reusing plastics and delivering cancer drugs more effectively are only two of many of the potential applications a new 3-D/4-D printing technology might have, thanks to the pioneering work of a research collaboration ...

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